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Both my daughter and son went to Dr. Howard Chu!! We had an amazing experience. If you are a mom with a crazy busy schedule then he is the dentist for you!  He is caring, honest, compassionate, and extremely competent! My son was 8 and daughter was 11.  Kids are 14 and 17 now and still talk about special Dr. Chu!  One time when we didn't have time to pick up my daughter's retainer, Dr. Chu dropped it off for us at 8:30pm on his way home!  So nice and kind!  He will always greet your child with a smile and enthusiasm! We are excited to visit the new office for some overdue cleaning!

Linda T.

I would highly, highly recommend anyone that needs any orthodontics work or pediatric dentistry done to go to Fresh Dentistry!

First off, easy to make an appointment, easy check in, short wait time. GREAT, NICE, FRIENDLY, ATTENTIVE staff & most importantly, extremely knowledgeable dentists that work here. The facility is also brand new, with all the latest up-to-date technology.

I've previously gone to several orthodontists before because I was looking into getting minor corrections to my teeth, as my teeth has shifted a bit from my previous dental work w/ braces. All of the orthodontists have told me my requests were minor and that there was not much they can do. Dr. Howard Chu was the ONLY one that actually listened to what it was that I wanted, and came up with a plan to correct my teeth. However minor, Dr. Chu was very attentive to my request and genuinely cared about my concerns! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get their invisalign done.

On the other hand, Dr.Christine Chu is absolutely great with kids! It is reassuring to know that your child is in great hands; we all know going to the dentist has a bad connotation, but not at Fresh! :) It is seriously a one stop shop - my kid can get their dental work done while I get adjustments for my invisalign!

You don't often experience such honest and humble dentists that offer such genuine care, but you do at Fresh, and they make you feel like part of a family. All in all, I guarantee you that once you come here, you wont be disappointed. (So much so you'll wish they would take adults patients for general dental work! :P)

Cindy F.

I have always feared the dentist but Dr. Howard Chu just made my overall experience great. now I take my daughter to the same location and I'm always referring there office to all my family and friends.

Elizabeth C.

I have been seeing Dr. Howard Chu for about a year now and can say the quality of his work and service is second to none. I came in with questions about how Invisalign could help my teeth compared to other means and I'm convinced this has been a great decision. Every step of the way, I got great information about the process and technology involved. The service has been amazing, ensuring that my teeth get any adjustments as needed to make sure there is enough space and that my teeth properly grab on to the trays. To anyone that may have any doubts, I can assure you it's well worth the investment. I'm just about done with my trays and as long as I keep taking care of my teeth through the nighttime retainer, I'm confident I'll have straight teeth for as long as they'll last.

Hermanio G.

Dr. Christine is wonderful. I brought my 2.5 year old son for a second opinion on addressing cavities in his upper incisors. I had taken him first to see Dr. Shiflett in West Covina who (without even examining him herself) recommended crown placement under anesthesia. After reading so many horror stories of children dying during anesthesia, I want to avoid such a risky procedure if possible. Dr. Christine was so kind and offered alternative treatment options for my son that Dr. Shiflett didn't even mention. Dr. Christine took the time to actually examine my son and ensure he had a positive experience. No crying at all! He enjoyed the whole visit from the moment he walked in the office and saw all the play items and at the end he received some stickers and a cute emoji toy. On the way home he told us, "I like the dentist". If a dentist can get my son to say that, I am definitely coming back. I highly recommend this office!

Naomi C.

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